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Drugs or Candy? If you can’t tell the difference, neither can your kids.

Edible Marijuana

Edibles can come in many different forms and can often be impossible to distinguish from your favorite sweets, snacks and drinks. These treats are infused with marijuana, and while most edibles look harmless, a single brownie or cookie can contain several times the recommended adult dose of THC, making them especially harmful and dangerous for children. It is important to keep your children safe by storing all marijuana products in a locked area, where children cannot see or reach it, and in the child-resistant packaging received from the store.

Help is available if you need support to stop using marijuana. Call 2-1-1 or visit We’re here for you.
If you think a child may have consumed edibles or any form of marijuana, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. If you think a child needs immediate medical help, call 911.
Marijuana can be infused in brownies, cookies, candy, chocolate bars and many other delicious treats. If parents can’t tell the difference between a sweet treat and an edible, neither can their children.
Many marijuana plants now contain higher amounts of THC. The higher the THC content there is in an edible, the more dangerous it is for your child.
Photo of chocolate cookies and marijuana buds
Edibles take longer than smoked marijuana to have an effect — usually 30–60 minutes after being eaten. Unknowing children might not feel the effects immediately and eat large amounts of their favorite sweet treat, leading to an overdose.
Edibles can come in sweetened beverages like sodas and lemonade, but despite their ordinary appearance, they can contain several times the recommended adult dose of THC.
Edible effects on children include anxiety, panic, paranoia, dizziness, weakness, slurred speech, poor coordination, heart problems, and could potentially be fatal.
SOURCE For more facts and information on marijuana: California Department of Public Health To learn more about marijuana safety: Healthy Children To learn more about how to prevent marijuana poisoning: Children’s Hospital Colorado
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