Kit for New Parents

Kit for Parents

The FREE Kit for New Parents, provided by First 5 California, is packed with the latest information on everything from prenatal care to finding a quality preschool. Envelope contains reusable bag with Talk. Read. Sing. messaging and the following : Advice for New Parents DVD, Puppy and Friends book, Poison Control brochure and magnet, Paid Family Leave brochure, What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick book, Brain Development card and brochure, Resources for Parents of Children Ages 0 to 5 guide. Kits are available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin and Vietnamese. Order a FREE Kit to be sent to your home. If your organization is interested in becoming a distributor for Kit for New Parents, complete the ORDER FORM and email to

Daddy's Tool Bag

Essential Training for the New Dad

The Daddy's Tool Bag Video Library is now available! Dads in San Joaquin County now have access to the Daddy's
Tool Bag Library of informational videos anytime and anywhere. Explore the Daddy's Tool Bag Library today!

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