Baby in incubator
Baby in incubator

Weed Free Baby Toolkit

Marijuana is now legal and may seem relatively safe because of the perception that it is “natural”. However, smoking or taking weed in any form while pregnant or breastfeeding can have serious and lasting harmful effects on unborn and newborn babies.

To help pregnant and breastfeeding moms understand the impact of marijuana use, First 5 San Joaquin launched a public education campaign in May 2018 to help increase awareness about the health risks associated with marijuana use. Various campaign materials and collateral were developed for the community, with community input and feedback included.


Two versions of web banner ads are available to download, each in various sizes. You can add these to a page on your website and link back to to provide more information. Each version includes sizes 1600x600, 300x250, 320x480, and 728x90.

Version 1:
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Version 2:
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Available in English and Spanish, these fact sheets contain important information for mothers and mothers-to-be on the various impacts marijuana can have. These fact sheets are designed to be easy to print and distribute.

Download Fact Sheets:


A two-page printable document, this FAQ contains the most common questions and answers about marijuana and the effect on babies for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.


To help promote awareness and access to services, a printable 11x17 poster is available. Attach to a wall, window or display on an easel.


Sample social media posts from the Weed Free Baby campaign have been developed to help inform pregnant and breastfeeding moms about harmful effects of marijuana. Sample posts include content and images that are easy to copy and paste into any social networking platform.

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